Ecoute et replace les adjectifs aux bons endroits.

Welsh - messy - small (x2) - new - good - huge - favourite - beautiful - pretty - old

Faites l'exercice en entier avant de vérifier vos réponses.

Clique sur la flèche verte

<param name="movie" value="dewplayer.swf?son=my_room.mp3"

My room is very and it's a bit , but it's quite ! There are a lot of photos of my friends, my friends and my friends. I just love skating in the park with my friends on Saturday or going to birthday parties. But what I love the most is swimming. It's my thing in the world! I really enjoy swimming in competitions and er ... I'm quite at it. That's why there is this shelf full of medals and cups in my room, above the desk.
And right above my bed, there is a poster of Wales. I'm you see, from Cardiff and I love Wales: it's just beautiful. Well, er ...that's it! As I said, my room is very !